Change of Plan

Good day good day! technology is everywhere and now one may even update his blog in the bus! Instead of watching the splendid view! What a shame!!

I’ll make it short.

I entered Albania 2 days ago, on Tuesday morning, and found a host through in Maliq – Algent, evangelical christian, barber, cyclist. I met him at his shop where he was busy trimming his pastor’s hair, all the while swiftly switching between conversations with me in English, his patrons in Albanian and the drunken Greek guy dressed in Fidel Castro, spring 1959 style, in Greek. Barber shops, in Albania, probably the second most common business after the ubiquitous “Lavazh” (carwash), are social places.

We talked about what people talk about when they first meet, and when I mentioned my travel plans – going to Pogradec at the southern tip of lake Ohrid then going round the western shore until I veer east to Elbasan, then Tirana, the capital – about 3 days’ cycling in my estimate – he advised me against it: “The road after Pogradec is really bad now, because of the works. Many holes. You break your wheels. Better you go through Macedonia, through Ohrid, very good road there!”

When I reached Pogradec yesterday, I went online to check how much farther it was: not that much, it turns out; And how many days I had: too many to be going to Tirana so soon, it turned out! Besides I was so close to Macedonia now, hey! Why not give it a short visit!

Now, at this point I closed my laptop and set out for the border. Only THEN did I remember Julius’s blog comment “from Skopje”. Dear friends, as you may or may not know, Skopje is the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia, and the Republic of Macedonia is a small country, and the next day was going to be rainy in Ohrid as far as BBC Weather was concerned, and this was my 6th straight day on the bike and I could fancy a day off or two, and did I mention I was early on my plans and did not need, boat-wise, to get to Tirana just right now??

Long story short, I’m on the bus to Skopje!!


7 thoughts on “Change of Plan

  1. I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, but didn’t manage, with your dad’s aid …here I am! But it’s a bit late to write much today; see you later, love Caffie

  2. viva MACEDONIA!
    ελπιζω να μεινεις πολυ σε αυτη την τελεια χωρα!!! περιμενω τις εμπειριες σου!!
    και πες τους οτι δεν ειναι ολοι οι ελληνες εθνικιστες.

    • ναι ναι, τους είπα ότι ξέρω μια Ελληνίδα που ειναι εθνικιστές για τον εθνο των άλλων :) βρε σιμαιολατρευτίσσα :Ρ

  3. J’ai remarqué qu’il y avait ce morceau en haut de mon syllabus de lecture du Capital, pour la phrase “We be reading Marx where I’m from”. Je me suis dit que ça te ferait rire !

    Bisous Mattos.

    • waw c’est chouette! ça me fait pas rire rire honnêtement, mais j’aime beaucoup!
      et toi where you’re from you lis the whole Capital de Marx? c’est chaud nan?

      /EDIT 2 secondes plus tard:
      ouais nan je suppose qu’un “syllabus de lecture” c’est une sélection d’extraits haha
      jsuis pas à jour sur mon cours de jargon académique :)

      • Boarf, même pas drôle ? Bon. Moi je rigolais un peu.

        Je crois que c’est mon jargon qui n’est pas au point, parce que en fait oui, mon cours était sur das Kapital volume eins, jawohl ! Mais le semestre s’est terminé aujourd’hui et on a seulement été jusqu’à la page 639. Quel échec. En même temps à peu près quoi que tu lises de Marx, il reste toujours une infinité de plus, je crois ?

        Check that though: where I’m from I finish readin Cap
        in the summer where I’m from

        (or at least brag about it mmh)

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