Sardinia: A Photographic Journey

spéciale dédicace aux gens qui fabriquent les routes <3 vous gérez


Yet only about halfway up! Amazing views aaaall the way, I have some videos. MAYBE YOU WILL SEE THEM…. SOMEDAY??

Football: some of the perks of being a pro player is people throwing tasty things for you to eat

This one’s for Dani Alves

For background story click on the picture. It’s got to do with racism!

Dream team: Giraffe, Shark, Elephants and Dimetrodon

Dream Team: Giraffe, Great White Shark, African Elephants and Dimetrodon

This one deserves a wee bit of context I guess. A little after a town called Solanas in Southeastern Sardinia, I stop to drink some water at a crossroads; serendipitously just a metre away from a sign below which there was a small earth plot, probably meant as a flower bed, separating the roads where someone, sometime, had left a collection of five 10-centimetre-high plastic figurines representing the awesomest animals to have ever existed! While I was taking pictures of this fantastic little posse, the owner of the café across the road walked out, and I asked if they belonged to her children; she said, tantalizingly, that the figurines were already there when they bought the business!

Today is windy, but I am soon in Olbia. I’ll be in France in 4 days! I’m curious what that country is like. I have only vague memories of living there a looong time ago :P


One thought on “Sardinia: A Photographic Journey

  1. et voila… il suffisait que tu laisse pousser un peu tes cheuveux pour que le monde se rend compte que… TU AS DES BOUCLETTES !!!! pfff trop la honte ;) des bisous

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