Nieuwz… not

Well! Hard to find the time to update! However, have some photos!


This was back in Sicila. It’s called: Taormina, I think, a nice (?) beach (?), very (?) natural (???)


Sicilia also has some fantastic panoramic mirrors, kind of a local speciality




North Sardinia is windy. See? the picture looks like it’s moving, right? Because of the wind. Ceaseless wind, coming from the West. I was going West. The wind was annoying.



Castelsardo! Pshew. It’s really worth, um, looking at! (at least!)



Praise be the Lord for Rear View Mirrors for One may Behold One’s Image Bewhilst Performing Silly Faces


20140602 Mr Patate

Le linguiste amateur remarque certaines choses, comme ce formidable pluriel de “ail”, je ne pensais pas qu’il avait jamais été utilisé sur une enseigne. (Marseille) [non-French speakers: …forget it]

DJ Hamida

Terminons avec un petit tag rigolo :) (Arles) [it says: “I’m not too fond of policemen’]



One thought on “Nieuwz… not

  1. Une info de Time magazine pour le linguiste amateur mais néanmoins talentueux que tu es:
    “interpreters and translators are among the top five fastest-growing occupations”.
    Merci pour tes photos. Et à très bientôt!

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