Why no news, also, on getting off one’s arse (?)


Why I haven’t written anything in ages:
1/ reached France: been too depressed
2/ had exams to revise, then sit
3/ am no longer cycling :,(
4/ have a million things to say, so obviously… I say nothing

MARSEILLE. crazy awesome city! I think I met more awesome people in Marseille alone than in the whole of Italy? No offense Italians. But it has to be admitted, I was lucky: I arrived on the very day of the yearly “Fête du Vélo”, there was a huge bike demo, lots of welcoming, friendly, revolutionnary persons ready to host any random bike traveller that might find himself in their midst. Oh snap! That sounds like me!

I met Nico who advised on the best way out of Marseille, Ananda who offered up her couch for a night, Pek and Annie-Claude who offered up a BED for a night (ended up staying at their place), Sophia with whom I had a long chat shouted over the traffic while following her up the Canebière until we landed at awesome Ecomotive café. A truly wonderful day!

Then I cycled on: Avignon and its many theatres, Arles and its many bookshops, Nîmes and its many arenas, and finally, slowly up to my good old friend Margo’s place in the middle of the gorgeously gorgeous Cévennes mountains where I spent a week of revising and skinny dipping in rivers and lazying and talks about plants and onomatopoiea… wait actually did I revise there… at all..?

Finally: TOULOUSE.

For those who perhaps didn’t follow my shapeshifting plans with A+ assiduity: I’m in Toulouse, because that’s where my university is, and I had to go back to sit the exams. But not only. I had decided I wanted to be back in France to carry on with my degree. I’m not 100% sure why. (Why not continue studying from a distance that is.) But my decision was clear anyway.

Well, one reason is that my time in Greece was one of hard and fast political awakening. I wouldn’t say the state of the world seemed agreeable before that, but I had not really became fully convinced that it was that bad. Bad enough to get off my arse and weigh in towards change. Greece, a EU country which was under a right-wing dictatorship just 40 years ago, finally woke me up. “Shock capitalism” (in Naomi Klein’s words) in full swing, democracy shrugged off, protests and demos consistently ignored at best, violently crushed at worst, justice ever harsher with activists, and widening despair in full view, and fascism on the rise…

For various reasons though, I haven’t been able to contribute much to “the movement”, as the wide array of protests and actions of the left are collectively known there. In part, I felt I had to be in France to become truly involved. Or perhaps, being in France, I would simply run out of excuses not to become involved? To be continued!


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