S’up? Dis My Summer Somewhat Summed-up.

Seeing as I haven’t written here in a few weeks… I’ll try to do a summed-up thing called a summary! A summer summary! Some summer summary it will be!!

I was in Toulouse. I was sitting exams. I hadn’t revised a lot, except the evening before each exam.

Well: I passed!!! B-)

After that!

I went to the Cévennes, on a visit to my good friend and once co-traveller Margo! We made a lot of elderberry syrup (haha! your father smells of elderberry :), played Boggle, bathed in river Tarnon, also sunbathed on the hot flat rocks.

I also left my bicycle there, wait I had left it before going to Toulouse. Oops possibly I got mixed-up! FIRST I went to Margo and Frantz’s place in the Cévennes. (and made elderberry syrup and sunbathed). THEN I left my bike at their place, car-pooled to Toulouse, sat my exams, saw Xenia twice. Ah, that reminds me!

I saw a very good movie, twice, it’s called Xenia! I know, I’ve said it already. It escaped me. <sigh> I’m trying to sum up here OK, it isn’t not difficult!

Well here’s the poster in case you’re interested! (you ought to be!)

also, a white rabbit

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN AWESOME DANCE NUMBERS (not spoiling alright, I said “MAY contain”)

It’s great! It takes place in Greece. (But that’s not the only reason it’s great!) It’s the story of two boys, 15 and 18 years old, on a double quest 1) to find their estranged father who may-or-may-not be a fascist politician, and 2) to win the Greek Star contest with a 70’s Italian pop song their mother taught them: Patty Pravo’s “Tutt’al Più”. (Fantastic song, blissfully cheesy, just press play …and melt) (I think I’ve listened to it 20 times this summer?) (and sung it in front of the mirror at least as many times)

It’s unclear how the two missions are connected: it so happens that the man and the contest both take place in Thessaloniki, while the boys live in Athens. The coincidence is just too good to miss, supposedly? So they decide to make the trip north. As in his previous masterwork, “Strella”, Panos Koutras is firmly existentialist, and gives the classics a nod – the younger and more adventurous of the two leads is called “Ody”, short for Odysseas, a.k.a Ulysses – only so that he may flamboyantly veer the story off the beaten old tracks, tearing our antique, paralyzing fantasy of an all-presiding destiny to shreds. Exhilarating!!

Anyway, enough cinephilia.

AFTER Toulouse then, and a short hook through the Cévennes (2nd time, but this time no sunbathing) (or perhaps just a little bit), I spend a few days in Marseille (most of them in the municipal library, b/c work (i.e. translation) to do), then: embark for Corsica!

Corsica is a right paradise, obviously, I don’t think that needs special emphasis as it is common knowledge among Mediterraneans. (Right?) (I am addressing mostly Mediterraneans here, am I not?)

Of note however, my heartglowing reunion with Brussels super-friends Shuba, Chris and Jeanne! Along with a posse of other friends! Very rejoicing and funny! (b/c these persons are all very very good jokers!) In fact I realised how much I had missed Shuba’s jokes in particular XD <3

THEN, after much sweet laziness, I went back on the continent and on to La Garde – a way special house which is not far from Roanne which is not so far from Lyon, containing a way awesome person, my friend Mathilde and her own friends whom I got to know and, unsurprisingly, they’re way rad! Super duper persons all of them! I spent two weeks there, cutting wood, planting parsley, cooking food, picking blueberries, picking plums, and chatting chatting chatting. I did a lot of chatting (that’s why I wrote “chatting” three times) because they all have overheaped headfuls of all manners of ruddy brilliant ideas and knowledges, and I felt very lucky to have the chance to share them with me!

And here we arrive at my next bit: HitchHiking

I hitchhiked a train on the platform of the train station in Roanne, and it very sweetly stopped and let me get in, then I hitchhiked cars, from Lyon, to Grenoble, to Albertville, to Torino, to Milano, to Lodi (awesome billboard-pasting crew of Punjabi Sikhs in a big old green 9-seater van, bhangra music pumping from the stereo, I was barely seated when they stuck a plastic cup full of peanuts in my hand and started raining questions in a patchwork of 3 or 4 different languages, priceless little piece of India in the unlikeliest of places!)… where I met up with Fede, who, almost 2 years ago, had hosted Julius and me on our way to Greece! It was great seeing her again!

This was a long time ago! But hey, we went to the same place this time, too!

This was a long time ago! But hey, we went to the same place this time, too!

The next day I managed to reach Florence, where I stayed at Villa Panico, a refreshingly messy and laidback squat when compared to the suffocating uptight spickiness of the historical centre.


I tried telling them to stop fighting but they didn’t seem to be listening to me at all

After an unsuccessful day trying to leave Florence by road, I gave up hitchhiking and took a train to the Faito Documentary Festival, on the peak dividing the Napoli and Salerno bays and enjoyed the view, the music, the wine, but most of all the wonderful company, and the constant, intoxicating adrenaline high of an understaffed low-budget film festival! I saw some incredible films there, too, and made some unforgettable encounters.

Then I went to Ravenna and spent 10 days with Adèle, Joseph, Mariama, Mom, Papa and Vincent: the whole family! We visited beaches, forests, hills, and a few beautiful cities (most notably and repeatedly: Bologna!). And did as much catching up as we could! It had been so long!!


hm, yes, well finally, I spent a week in a place called Matafelon, in the Jura mountains, where a youth camp (colo) was taking place: I was visiting Mathilde, who was working there the whole month of August; I took the opportunity to meet her lovely, lively, funny and somewhat overworked colleagues (several of whom, mysteriously, are also her housemates!! and as such were already known to me), there was more swimming (though the water was cooler than the Adriatic), more smiling and relaxing, shooting-star-spotting, also, lots of children! Some of them were really cool persons, too! (others, not so much!) (It’s been a while I haven’t hung around children, haha!) One of the interesting aspects of this camp was its militant line: it made an effort to be as anti-agist as they could (giving children as much control as possible over their activities, their timetable, and a share in the decisions regarding them) and paying special attention to sexism (and, let’s say, issues did come up…)

And in a few days I’m off to Baiona for a bit of haunting of old spot, a bit of meeting of old friends (yes, I’ve done a lot of that this summer) and a bit of walking in the mountains! Yeah!

Lots of love to all.

And, here’s a cute picture a friend e-mailed me today! (I have charming friends!)

cute cute cute  cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute

cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute


4 thoughts on “S’up? Dis My Summer Somewhat Summed-up.

  1. How can one spend ten days with one’s son and not hear one tenth of one tenth about the highlights of his summer? I wonder. Thank God for your “blogue”, my dear milloum. Enjoy the rest of this eventful summer. Love.

  2. I agree with Mom, and propose a hypothesis: maybe it was all a dream? OR you don’t know how to speak but we somehow failed to notice it. OR your blog was hijacked and we are delighting in your fictional life. One way or the others, it’s good reading this!

    (I wonder what stories “Some of them were really cool persons, too! (others, not so much!)” is hiding)

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