back on the road

quick one!

for those I haven’t been in touch recently: I changed my plans for this summer at the last minute and instead of hitchhiking to greece, decided to cycle to Naples. (I have to be in Castellamare di Stabbia, near Naples, on the 25th of July to help prepare the Monte Faito festival which will take place there in the beginning of august!)

I think I needed the time to myself, and was looking forward to a bit of cycling!

so here I am, in an cyber cafe in Genova, with about… 9 minutes left to write this bulletin! it might not be very refined :)

I’m restricting myself to a minimal amount of money, a few euros a day… so far the few repairs i’ve had to do are my largest expense! for food, following the example of Alberto, a spanish cyclist we hosted in Toulouse, I simply go to shops and ask if they have anything to give. plus, there’s always dumpsters :)

being back on the bike is like picking up where I’d left off one year ago… it’s like i’ve got this parallel life of roads and mountains and rivers and freedom and joy!

One word about the Presidio Permanente No Border in Ventimiglia, (Italian French border) where I spent two days: they need support! human beings are being arrested, detained and pushed back at the border, just because they were born in the wrong place, on the wrong side of this incredibly unequal world. borders are a scandal and an absurdity. NO BORDERS NO NATIONS!

love and rage!

pirate bike in XXmiglia

milllou :)