hey,my name is millou. i’m happy to have you here. this page, yeah, i thought this page could be used for like, a general summary? An executive summary so to speak?

so, my story starts on september 6, 2012 (of course it doesn’t, but it does enough to serve our purpose, and if you don’t know what happened to me before that date i suggest you get in touch with me and we’ll catch up?)when i put together a bicycle that had been flown in from Berlin and had a bemt derailer hanger (this last detail feel free to ignore and NOT look up on wikipedia, but don’t come whining when you don’t understand anything later on) which, quite a bit later, snapped. With my friend Julius, a.k.a. Roxz0r Julez, we cycled a bunch of time and i ended up in Athens (while Julez, taking a shortcut, was already in the south of Greece. Later i was to catch up with him in Crete) then i meditated for a bunch of days, at least it felt like a bunch of days while i was in it then felt like a couple days as soon as it was over, you know what i mean?, then i waited in Athens for the the replacement derailer hanger (i told ya diddnah) to be shipped all the way from, like, Croatia (i assume it was shipped by bicycle because it took roughly the same time as me to reach Athens). Then i went a little bit to the north of greece, then back to athens then to the south of Greece, then my money ran out, i found a job and also started studying because i felt a bit aimless, and while working and studying i realised i missed a bunch of people a lot so i made a blog. which is the one you are holding right now, i hope you like it.


Ne Vous Laissez Pas Abattre: Réagissez!

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