Day 1 – Ημέρα 1

Day 1!

I woke up this morning in Thessaloniki with a series of missions to do! Packing, Fixing my Front Rack, Buying Food, and Leaving!

Team Pack did a good job, though it has to be said they took their time; and team Fix Front Rack was ace. Team Supplies got a little heavy-handed maybe, but tomorrow is the Easter holiday… and Greeks do not joke about Easter. Or if they do, it’s with their families, not, you know, at work selling food to people.

After all these missions, today’s strategy was to take the train to Skydra at the foot of mount Kaymaktsalan (an awesome- and Turkish-sounding name), then to cycle off from there. Team Get to Train Station on Time failed, though they blamed “circumstances”, so I got a later train – at 5.15 pm – to Platy, which is closer to Thessaloniki.

Team Pedal did OK, in spite of less than fantastic weather (clouds) and less than fascinating views (straight roads between big fields). Team Find Stuff on Ground scored 2 mandarines and an almost-full packet of cigarettes!

I stopped by a canal, 5 km before Giannetsa which was my official destination for the day, because I liked the place. It has poplars all along the bank, and team Hammock did a pretty good job of setting me up nice and cosy, on what is after all only its second intervention ever!

The hammock is hanging low enough that I could use it as a lounger and I sat there in the twilight and made a cup of PG Tips (ευχαριστώώώώώώ Ελένη!!) and felt really, really satisfied!!

Plan for tomorrow: Loutraki Aridaias where, I’ve been advised, are some truly awesome hot springs!

Πρώτη μέρα! Και τώρα στα ελληνικά!